Cessford 04-19-025-11 W4 Battery

The treater building contains a 6’ x 20’, 75 psi horizontal treater, 4 well inlet header, test separator and a recycle pump.  On site are a 1000 bbl. water tank, 400 bbl heated emulsion tank and a 750 bbl. oil sales tank.  Solution gas from the treater and test separator is piped to the 14-18 location where the solution gas and 14-18 gas is compressed via a 90hp screw compressor then on to the CNRL gas gathering system.  Produced water is injected in the well 05-19-25-11 W4 from a 30hp triplex pump located on the battery site.


The central battery is located on LSD 4-19-025-11 W4 and all 4 producing oilwells are pipelined into this facility.  The flowlines are 2.5 inch composite including the line from the injection pump to the 05-19-025-11 W4 injection well.  All natural gas lines are 3.5 inch steel.

A maintenance turnaround on the 4-19 battery was completed in the summer of 2017, the 1000 bbl. water tank, 400 bbl. emulsion tank and the 750 bbl. oil sales tank were cleaned and inspected (no corrosion evident).  The 8’ x 20’ treater was drained, cleaned and inspected and the 30hp injection pump fluid end was overhauled.

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