Location and Asset Summary

The Milton Viking property is located on the western extent of the Dodsland Viking formation producing fairway approximately 40 kilometers west of Kindersley Saskatchewan (Twp 30 Rge 27W3M) (Map 2).  The property consists of a combination of Crown and Freehold leases and includes 5 suspended, vertical oil wells and one suspended horizontal well.  The wells were drilled and completed by Petro One Energy Corp. between 2011 and 2014.  Goldstrike Resources Ltd. acquired Petro One in 2015 and at that time decided to suspend operations in the Milton area to focus on other corporate objectives.  The property is readily re-startable and since initially suspending the property Petro One has restarted production twice in 2017 for testing purposes (See Restart History below).

Map 2

Viking Re-start Program 2017

Petro One restarted 3 wells in March 2017:

The same wells were re-started in October 2017


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Eight parcels were purchased at Crown PNG disposition in 2017 per the schedule below Gear Teine and Turnstone Energy all purchased land in the vicinity.  Most leases were for PNG below Viking to Basement suggesting posting were requested fore either Bakken or Success targets.  The 2017 PNG Lease postings are shown on map 4.


In 2017 industry completed 27 wells in the Milton area primarily targeting Success/Mannville and Bakken. The 2017 well locations are illustrated on Map 4.

Map 4