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Milton Mississippian Middle Bakken

The Bakken Formation of West Central Saskatchewan can be divided into three members similar to SE Saskatchewan. The upper and lower Bakken are comprised of black organic shales which were deposited within an anoxic marine environment. The Middle Bakken consists of bioclastic limestone interbedded with coarsening upwards silts and fine grained sands. The Middle Bakken is capped with a bioturbated mudstone. The Middle Bakken was deposited within a shelf environment where shoreline associated sand deposits were reworked into NE-SW trending tidal ridges during subsequent transgressions. Middle Bakken thicknesses range from 30 to 3 metres. Offsetting Middle Bakken Sand production to the northwest indicates EUR’s of 75 to 150 MBO per leg are possible from Middle Bakken horizontals. MAP 5 illustrates the NE-SW trending tidal ridges while the cross section in Figure 3 illustrates the complex structural regime generated by underlying salt solution in the Milton area.