The property is developed with 4 oil wells producing from the Mannville S13S pool and 1 injection well, 1 gas well producing from the Mannville C (Glauconite)pool and 2 observation wells completed in the Mannville S13S.  Current production from the oil wells is 12 bbl/day of 20 deg. API oil and 60 mcf/day of solution gas, water production from the pool is re-injected.  The Mannville C gas well produces at a rate of 270 mcf/day gas and 2 bbl/day of Pentanes.

Well Lists

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Cessford Mannville C Pool

The well Convega Cessford 14-18-025-11 W4 is producing gas from the Cessford Mannville C pool at a steady rate of over 250 mcf/day.  The Manville C pool was discovered in the late 50’s and has cumulatively produced over 35 million barrels of oil and 112 billion cubic feet of gas.  14-18 has produced 7.9 BCF of gas to date and from production decline analysis the well will recover a minimum of 1 to 2 BCF

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