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Upper Mannville Fluvial and Lithic Sandstones

The Upper Mannville Formation sandstones were deposited in a fluvial environment.  The formation consists of coals, fluvial sands, silts and shales and thin channel sands.  The unit also contains thick lithic channels that cut through regional sediments and in some cases into the Lower Mannville and S2 sediments.  Both the thin, fluvial and thick lithic channels present viable hydrocarbon reservoirs These units produce oil and gas in SE Alberta to the west but have not been developed in SW Saskatchewan to date.

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Lower Mannville Success S2 Sands

Separated from the overlying Ellerslie Ostracod Lower Mannville Sands by a major unconformity.  The S2 sandstone is 5m to 25m thick and is interpreted to represent a braided stream deposit.  The S2 is the prime producing unit in the Glidden area.  Cores of the unit indicate an average porosity of 32% and permeability of up to 1500mD.

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