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Ravens Cross Package Opportunity Summary

The Ravens Cross package presents a significant opportunity to acquire prospective acreage within a recognized, world class, resource play hydrocarbon fairway. To date nearly 4000, light oil, horizontal Viking development wells have been completed along the Kindersley-Dodsland fairway. Directly offsetting the Ravens Cross asset numerous operators have continuously improved drilling and completion techniques and costs while demonstrating continued improvement in production metrics. Current Kindersley-Dodsland horizontal Viking offsets are recognized by industry as providing superior IRR’s even in the current commodity price environment. Should recent short term firming of commodity price continue to materialize the metrics for the Ravens Cross acreage become even more attractive. This would provide a number of short to medium term options for the asset. These options would include operating a horizontal development program on the lands, farming out the acreage for a retained interest or divesting of the lands for profit in a stronger market.