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Figure 1

Figure 1 compares gamma ray logs of a vertical well on Ravens Cross acreage (121/07-34-030-23W3 not completed in Viking) with a vertical Viking producer in the Whiteside Viking at 101/2-21-30-24W3 (Cumulative Viking Oil Production: 18.6 MBO). Both wellbores appear to contain similar gross thickness of shaly Viking sand based on 100 API cut-off (approximately 12 meters) and the Ravens Cross well would appear to have a higher Net to Gross ratio based on gamma. The Ravens Cross 07-34 well displays 4.3 meters of < 100 API unit sand versus 2.1 meters net 100 API in the Whiteside 2-21 vertical. Horizontal wells offsetting the Whiteside vertical have produced significant cumulative Viking oil at impressive initial production rates.